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Today we are going to take a look at long calendar spread with calls on a little known company called Apple. This is on page 90 of The Options Playbook, on OptionsPlaybook.com, or on the Amazon Kindle.


  • What can you do going into earnings?
  • How to "control" implied volatility around earnings
  • AAPL indicates that it will announce earnings on April 25
  • What are the implied volatilities for the at-the-money calls expiring around that date?
  • Setting up the trade: picking strikes and expirations
  • What is the net cost for the spread?
  • What do we want to happen?
  • Plus, reviewing the GPS butterfly and the ABT straddle

Do you have questions that you would like answered on the show? Send them to Brian at theoptionsguy@tradeking.com.

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