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Mark and Brian are back to answer listener questions. In particular:

  • Question from Taj Penaso - Hi, will there be options for bitcoin once the futures are traded?? or just the futures until there are tradeable ETFs available? Thanks.
  • #Options #QOTW - Now it's a party! #Bitcoin futures are live on both @CMEGroup & @CBOE. But everyone's asking us the $1M question - "When will we get #Bitcoin #Options?" So we thought we'd ask you - When will we be able to trade #options on these futures? 52% - Q1 2018, 19% - Q2 2018, 14% - Q3 2018, 5% - Q4 2018
  • Question from L Penguin - I have a question for the option playbook. I'm a new options trader and I want to buy a LEAP call bc it looks like the stock is going to go to up in the next 12 months, but I don't want to commit yet. I also want to generate income while I hold that position. What are your thoughts on selling the call while I have the leap? Also, this stock has an attractive dividend that I'd like to capture. Is this even possible? Interested in your thoughts, thanks!...I was thinking about buying a deep in the money call for the LEAP, and then depending on where the stock is trading at the time, sell closer to the money.
  • Question from VLL98 - What happens to my options if the company declares bankruptcy? Can I still exercise my calls and buy the stock at the strike price?

Do you have a question that you want answered on a future episode? Send them to Brian at theoptionsguy@invest.ally.com, or to the Options Insider at questions@theoptionsinsider.com.

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