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Options Playbook Radio

Welcome to Options Playbook Radio - the program where we break down cutting edge options strategies and explain how you can incorporate them into your own portfolio.

Oct 31, 2014

Options Playbook Radio 35: Straddles and Strangles, Continued.

Options Playbook Radio is back and today we are on pages 68 and 70. For those of you playing along online, you can find these topics at

Today Brian discusses:

  • What does the math say about Facebook earnings
  • Looking at the FB straddle
  • Why do investors use it?
  • How do weekly options impact it?
  • Quick and dirty formula on p. 17 of the book
  • What are volatility and probability telling us with the math?
  • Using a real-life example with FB 
  • Real world versus what is “supposed” to happen
  • And more…