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Options Playbook Radio

Welcome to Options Playbook Radio - the program where we break down cutting edge options strategies and explain how you can incorporate them into your own portfolio.

Feb 18, 2016

Today it is time to take a longer term view on oil. How will this happen: the fig leaf strategy. For those of you at home, you can find this on page 56. You can always find the information on

Today, Brian discusses:

  • Will OPEC work with oil producers to cut production?
  • Taking a look at oil services companies, specifically XOM
  • What is the fig leaf strategy?
  • Setting up the trade
  • Does the company pay a dividend?
  • Taking a longer-term outlook for XOM
  • Looking for a high-delta option contract
  • Picking the right contracts
  • What's the maximum risk? Reward?
  • What is the outlook?
  • And more...