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Options Playbook Radio 18: Listener Q/A Part 2

In this episode, Mark and Brian take on more listener questions, including:

Put/call ratio

  • What is it?
  • What does it mean?
  • What do Brian and Mark think about it?

Call/put ratio in the VIX

  • Selling a put instead of buying a stock
  • Why does no one talk about this?
  • Hidden risk or downside
  • Gap risk
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Options Playbook Radio 17: Listeners Ask about Open Interest

In this episode, Mark and Brian take on listener questions.

Open interest:

  • What is it?
  • How is it calculated?
  • What’s the difference between open interest and volume?
  • How does it affect pricing?
  • How important is it?



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Options Playbook 16: Buying LEAPS Calls as a Stock Substitute

For those of you with the book, we’re on page 32. Or, you can find it on OptionsPlaybook.com in the “Rookies” tab  and look for “Buying LEAPS Calls as a Stock Substitute.”

Today Brian discusses:

  • A review of buying calls, in-, at-, and out-of-the-money
  • How LEAPS can be an alternative to buying a short-term, out-of-the-money call
  • What are LEAPS?
  • What impact does delta have on long-term options?
  • Using a real IBM option as an example
  • Caveats, including dividends and bid/ask spreads



Options Playbook Radio 15: Play #1 - The Long Call

We are on page 40 of the hardcover version. Otherwise, look for “The Long Call Strategy” on the Kindle or online version.

Today Brian discusses:


  • How the long call strategy works.
  • Basic examples of a long call.
  • Time components and implied volatility.
  • In the money vs. out of the money vs. at the money contracts
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Options Playbook Radio 14: AAPL Stock Split 

We are on page 72 of the hardcover version. Otherwise, look for “the Long Strangle” on the Kindle or online version.

Today Brian discusses:

  • AAPL is splitting their stock 7-for-1
  • What does that mean?
  • How does it work?
  • Will it become a part of the Dow 30?
  • AAPL 30-day implied volatitliy
  • Employing the long strangle strategy
  • What will happen to option contracts after the split
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Options Playbook 13: Finishing the Greeks - Vega and Rho

If you’re playing the home game, we’re on page 22 today.

In this episode, Brian discusses:

  • Vega tracks implied volatility
  • Rho tracks interest rate changes
  • When to expect changes in vega based on the life of the option
  • Determining where your concerns should be
  • How dividends are tied into Rho
  • And more....
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Options Playbook Radio 12: More Listener Questions

In this episode, Mark and Brian take on more listener questions.

They discuss:

  • What does it mean to be short gamma?
  • More about Brian



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Options Playbook 11: Listener Questions, Part 1

In this episode Brian and Mark discuss:

  • Trading off Greeks rather than price
  • The difference between historical, implied, and realized volatility
  • And more...



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Options Playbook Radio 10: Meet the Greeks: Interrelatedness

For those of you with the book, we're on page 18, or look for "Meet the Greeks."

Today, Brian discusses:

  • The interrelatedness of the Greeks
  • The long straddle
  • Volatility skew
  • Looking at Delta first
  • Analyzing Gamma
  • Considering Theta
  • And moreā€¦
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Options Playbook Radio 9: Getting to Know Theta

We’re looking at page 18 of the book, or check out OptionsPlaybook.com, and look for “Meet the Greeks.”

This week, Brian discusses:

  • Theta definition
  • Movement of options in time, and how it impacts price
  • When does decay accelerate?
  • And more…
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