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Options Playbook Radio 38: Diagonal Spreads

In this week’s edition of Option Playbook Radio, we’re covering diagonal spreads. You can find this on page 96 (call) and page 99 (put) of the hardback version, or at OptionsPlaybook.com.

Today, Brian discusses:

  • Calendar/horizontal spreads, and when you would use them
  • What is a diagonal spread?
  • Why is it called a diagonal spread?
  • The history of some of the spread nomenclature
  • Possible outcomes of diagonal spreads
  • And more…
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Options Playbook Radio 37: Long Calendar Spreads, Continued

In this episode of Options Playbook Radio, we’re continuing our discussion of long calendar spreads. For those of you with the hardcover version of the book, this is on page 90 (calls) or page 93 (puts). You can also find it on OptionsPlaybook.com.

Today, Brian discusses:

  • A review from last week’s introduction
  • Using an example of FB around earnings
  • What makes earnings season special for calendar spreads
  • Why direction matters
  • How earnings impact implied volatility
  • Implementing a calendar after a major event
  • Using indexes instead of stocks
  • And more



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Options Playbook Radio 36: Long Calendar Spreads

In this episode, we’re talking about long calendar spreads, from the call side. If you have the Playbook, we’re on page 90. Or, you can find what we’re discussing on OptionsPlaybook.com.

Today, Brian discusses:

  • What is a calendar spread?
  • Looking at accelerated time decay, and why does it happen?
  • At-the-money strikes, and why they are used in calendar spreads
  • Front and back month
  • How to construct a calendar spread
  • Why do a calendar spread?
  • Time decay review, and how it impacts the value of your option
  • Maximum profit and loss
  • Time value review, and what happens when it goes away?
  • And more…
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