Options Playbook Radio

For this special episode, Brian is joined by:

  • Mark "the Voice of Options" Longo
  • Andrew "the Rock Lobster" Giovinazzi

They discuss:

  • Iron condor on AMZN
  • Setting up the trade
  • What did they decide?
  • What happened after the paper trade?
  • Premium selling relative to earnings
  • The zones, and when to avoid them
  • Caveats, greeks, volatility, and other considerations
  • And more
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Today it is time to take a longer term view on oil. How will this happen: the fig leaf strategy. For those of you at home, you can find this on page 56. You can always find the information on OptionsPlaybook.com.

Today, Brian discusses:

  • Will OPEC work with oil producers to cut production?
  • Taking a look at oil services companies, specifically XOM
  • What is the fig leaf strategy?
  • Setting up the trade
  • Does the company pay a dividend?
  • Taking a longer-term outlook for XOM
  • Looking for a high-delta option contract
  • Picking the right contracts
  • What's the maximum risk? Reward?
  • What is the outlook?
  • And more...
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We're back from the listener question/congressional aide briefing break, and ready to move through the Playbook. Today we are looking at an iron condor going into earnings. This is on page 126 of The Options Playbook, or you can always find it on OptionsPlaybook.com.


  • Looking at a TWTR paper trade going into earnings (which, at the time of this recording, was going to be in 17 minutes)
  • TWTR is at the highest IV it has ever been before earnings
  • The long straddle is implying at least an 18% move in TWTR after earnings (non-directional)
  • Setting up the trade
  • Picking strikes
  • Selecting the right expiration
  • What is the net cost?
  • What is the risk? Reward?
  • What do we want to happen?
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In this episode, Brian beams in from Capitol Hill and is joined by Mark to answer listener questions. You wanted to know:

  • Question from 777-Are there expectations for a Google stock split anytime soon? How would that impact the options trading?
  • Question from Hot Emini-There is a big disconnect in retail that theta is the end-all greek. But isn't vega the king greek for pros? What about gamma? Where does that fall in the mix?
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