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This week, we are moving past earnings to look a the overall market. To do this, we'll try a long put spread, which is on page 62 of The Options Playbook. You can always find the information online at OptionsPlaybook.com.

Today, we discuss:

  • A review of last week's bull call spread on FL
  • What was our forecast?
  • What happened?
  • Now that earnings are mostly over, let's look at the general, overall market
  • Setting up a long put spread in the S&P 500
  • Picking expriations: why weekly options over standard options?
  • With these expriations, we are selling more time premium that we are buying
  • Picking strikes: where is the SPX right now?
  • Will Labor Day impact the spread?
  • What was the net cost? Risk?
  • Don't forget about commissions!
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To follow along, you can find long call spreads on page 60 of the Options Playbook. You can also play along online at OptionsPlaybook.com In this episode, Brian discusses:

  • A review of last week's episode featuring TIF
  • What happened since putting on the TIF paper trade?
  • Moving on to FL, which reports earnings tomorrow, August 19
  • Where is the long straddle trading on the options expiring on August 19?
  • What is the outlook on FL?
  • Setting up the trade
  • What is the risk? Reward?
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This week Brian takes a look back at his previous earnings trade on PCLN. What went right? What went wrong? Tune in to this episode of Options Playbook Radio to find out.

Have a question for Brian? He's happy to answer them directly via the TradeKing Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/tradeking.

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We're still in earnings season, so let's take a look at Priceline. Sticking with butterflies, this week we are looking at put butterflies. You can find this on page 104 in The Options Playbook, but you can always find this online at OptionsPlaybook.com.

This week we cover:

  • Review of last week's GOOG butterfly
  • What a difference choosing expirations can make
  • Upcoming Priceline earnings (before the open on Aug. 4)
  • What is the at-the-money long straddle?
  • What is the outlook?
  • Setting up the butterfly
  • What kind of move is the market expecting?
  • What is our maximum risk?
  • Reward?
  • And more
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