Options Playbook Radio

In this episode, Brian is joined by Mark to take on listener questions.

They discuss:

  • What indexes or products work best for synthetic covered calls?

That brings up:

  • Fig leaf
  • Greeks
  • How to roll
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In this episode, Brian is joined by Bill Ryan, Managing Director at the NYSE.

They discuss:

  • What are ByRDs?
  • What about pricing?
  • Is time on your side?
  • Probabilities and their relative factors
  • VWAP matters: find out more at nyse.com/byrds
  • What products have ByRDs?
  • What type of expirations are there?
  • Can you sell ByRDs to bring in a credit?
  • Can retail customers trade ByRDs?
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Mark and Brian are taking your questions.

  • Question from Jim Duggan: FOMC and Brexit are approaching. What are some good ways to use options to play Brexit or FOMC?
  • Question from Vegan: For an options newbie, how would I construct a trade with most possibilities to win? I understand that the potential profit might be small. What time frame is good as well?
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This week, we are continuing the conversation about long butterfly spreads with puts that started last time. You can find this information on page 104 of the Options Playbook, or on OptionsPlaybook.com.

In this episode, Brian discusses:

  • A review of last week.
  • What was the plan?
  • Does the plan need to be revised?
  • Can we still make a profit?
  • How to manipulate the legs to create a new, profitable positions.
  • What is the new plan?
  • What is the maximum risk? Reward?
  • What do we want to happen?
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Today we're looking at a strategy based on the overall market, a long butterfly with puts. You can find this on page 104 of the Options Playbook, or you can always find it on OptionsPlaybook.com


  • Looking at the overall market: where is the S&P 500?
  • Will there be a new all-time high, or will there be a pullback?
  • European verus American style options
  • Weekly versus monthly options
  • Setting up the trade
  • Maximum risk & profit
  • What will happen to implied volatilities?
  • Contingency plans
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