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Options Playbook Radio

Welcome to Options Playbook Radio - the program where we break down cutting edge options strategies and explain how you can incorporate them into your own portfolio.

Mar 26, 2015

Options Playbook Radio 53: Butterfly Spreads

Today in Options Playbook Radio, we’re discussing butterfly spreads. For those of you with the hardcover version of the book, this can be found on pages 103 and 104. You can always find it on as well.

Today, Brian discusses:

  • What do we mean by legs?
  • How...

Mar 20, 2015

Options Playbook Radio 52: Front Spreads, Part Two

In this episode, we’re covering front spreads. For those of you with the hardcover book, that information can be found on page 80 (calls) or page 82 (puts). You can also find everything on

Today, Brian discusses:

  • A review from last week, what is...

Mar 13, 2015

Options Playbook Radio 51: Front Spreads

In this episode, we’re talking about the front spread. In the book, this is on page 80 (calls) and page 82 (puts). Or, just find it on

In this episode, Brian discusses:

  • What is a front spread?
  • What about unlimited risk?
  •  What is the goal of this spread?

Mar 6, 2015

Options Playbook Radio 50: Listener Takeover

Today, Brian and Mark huddle up to discuss:

  • What is time premium? Why does it exist? Why can’t you trade an option for its intrinsic value?
  • Are there any tips to help a new trader process so much options-related information?