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Lately, we have been discussing inverse skip-strike butterflies. Today, we are discussing times when it is a good idea to use inverse skip strike butterflies.


Today, Brian discusses:

  • What will the Fed do? (They kept rates steady)
  • Setting up an inverse skip strike butterfly on the bearish side of the S&P 500
  • What will it cost?
  • What do you want to happen?
  • What is the risk?
  • Don’t forget about margin
  • What is the best-case scenario?
  • What is the maximum reward?
  • And more
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Today we are continuing the discussion of Inverse Skip-Strike Butterflies, which began last week. If you are following along at home with the hardcover version of the book, you can find the information you need on page 112 (calls) and page 115 (puts).


Today, Brian discusses:

  • A real-world example using NFLX
  • You can find the discussion on NFLX here
  • Where is the 30-day IV in NFLX?
  • Why is the 30-day IV where it is?
  • What about the market as a whole?
  • Setting up the position
  • What do we need to happen in NFLX?
  • What is the risk? Reward?
  • Considerations and caveats
  • And more
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In this episode, we are discussing an inverse skip-strike butterfly, which you can find on pages 112 (calls) and 115 (puts) of The Options Playbook. You can also find all of this information on OptionsPlaybook.com.


Today Brian discusses:

  • The set-up of an inverse skip-strike butterfly
  • What do we want to happen?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What is the maximum risk?
  • What is the maximum gain?
  • When does this make sense?
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