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This is probably the biggest week of earnings reporting, when the most valuable stocks report. There are things to take into account because of earnings:

  • Remember that implied volatilities rise around earnings
  • Why a skip strike butterfly?
  • Setting up the trade to pay for itself
  • Where is AMZN trading right now?
  • What is the long straddle aka the expected move
  • Using the long straddle to select strikes
  • Earnings-related risks
  • What is the expected move?
  • Setting up the trade
  • What is the upside? Downside?
  • Nuances of options pricing
  • Remember time premium
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Mark and Brian are back to answer listener questions.

  • Question from Ejh4isu - Let's say you're short naked a bunch of puts and the trade goes against you, and you don't have the money to pony up? What can your broker do?
  • Question from LCB - This is a challenging time to sell options due to low volatility. So does it stand that the opposite is true? Is it a good time to buy options? Particularly protective puts?
  • Question from Andrew Lane - I tried searching for options on the major advisor news sources including Pensions & Investments and Financial Advisors magazine and came up blank. Why do these mainstream outlets ignore this space? Where should I go to learn more about options for advisors?
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It's time to tackle listener questions again on Options Playbook Radio. In this episode, Mark and Brian cover:

  • Question from Albert Deckel - First, I want to thank you for all the effort you place into the options playbook. I find your lessons absolutely clear, understandable and instructive....a rare combination!! I bought your book and find that, also, clear and concise and very informative. Two questions: While I understand how to convert a "Delta" into meaning, I really don't understand what consists of a "high" vs. "low" Gamma, Theta or Vega. For example, when is theta so high that it makes the purchase of an contract dubious, or Vega so high that it makes the purchase of an OTM contract desirable? Also, if I were to write an ITM put, what combination of Delta, Gamma, Theta or Vega am I looking for? Thanks so much!! Al
  • Question from Tim - Why isn't it standard or maybe required to let people close out shorts for free below $.10?
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We are continuing the discussion of options pricing. This week we take a deep dive into pricing of a butterfly.


  • Looking at a 10-day butterfly in AAPL
  • Picking a five-point spread
  • What strikes and expirations to choose?
  • What will this cost?
  • What is the maximum risk and reward?
  • What do we want to happen?
  • What impacts the pricing of butterflies?
  • Managing expectations
  • Looking at the same thing for a November 17 expiration
  • What is the ideal scenario?
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