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Options Playbook Radio

Welcome to Options Playbook Radio - the program where we break down cutting edge options strategies and explain how you can incorporate them into your own portfolio.

Jun 29, 2017

Today Brian covers a skip-strike butterfly, which you can find on page 109 of The Options Playbook. This is always available on, in on the Amazon Kindle edition.


  • What are the right circumstances for trading a skip-strike butterfly?
  • A bad news event in GOOGL creates an interesting...

Jun 22, 2017

The Huddle: Listeners weigh in with questions

  • Question from Steve - With the VIX so low, I am not selling a lot of options anymore, because I am afraid that I will not collect enough premium. Am I thinking of this incorrectly?
  • Question from Lincan -My go-to options strat is to sell covered puts on stocks that I want to...

Jun 15, 2017

It's all listener questions in this special edition of Options Playbook Radio

  • Question from Ejh4isu - If I buy/sell a vertical on SPX (or any equity stock for that matter) and hold until expiration, and SPX settles between the strikes, what happens ? Example: sell 2395/2400 and SPX settles at 2397.
  • Question from...

Jun 8, 2017

In this episode, Brian reviews two paper trades from previous episodes and opens up a third. You can find the backspread with calls on page 84 of The Options Playbook, and the put debit spread is on page 62. Plus, this week we'll look at the fig leaf, which you can find on page 56. This is always available on

Jun 1, 2017

Last week's episode looked at a backspread with calls. That strategy is on page 83 of the Options Playbook. This week, we will cover a debit put spread, which is on page 62.

In this session, Brian covers:

  • A review of last week's AMD backspread
  • Why look at FCX?
  • Why a long put spread?
  • Erring on the side of being too...