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We are in the heart of earnings season, and next week a lot of the FANG stocks will announce. Two weeks ago, we did a diagonal spread in GOOGL. Let's follow up on how that went, and look at a skip-strike butterfly, as well. You can find more in The Options Playbook, which is always available on OptionsPlaybook.com, in on the Amazon Kindle edition.


  • How was the diagonal spread set up?
  • What happened to GOOGL since the paper trade was established?
  • What are we doing now?
  • Setting up the skip strike butterfly
  • Selecting strikes and expiration date
  • What is the cost?
  • Remember implied volatilities!
  • What happens if we are wrong? Right?
  • And more...

Do you have a question that you want answered on a future episode? Send them to Brian at theoptionsguy@invest.ally.com, or to the Options Insider at questions@theoptionsinsider.com.

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