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Options Playbook Radio

Welcome to Options Playbook Radio - the program where we break down cutting edge options strategies and explain how you can incorporate them into your own portfolio.

Dec 14, 2017

Mark and Brian are back to answer listener questions. In particular:

  • Question from Ariell - Why should I ever buy puts? I can use a stop order in the stock for free and then put that extra capital to work in my trading account. By my math using stops instead of puts can boost your account 5-10% per year. That’s a lot of cheese.
  • Question from The Financial Grynch - Do you REALLY reckon long options is profitable?
  • Question from Lonesome - Could you explain Theta and how it helps/hurts options traders? Should anyone ever buy OTM options?
  • Question from Tom Matt - What happened to minis? Are they ever coming back?

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