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Jan 8, 2015

Options Playbook Radio 42: Listener Questions Edition

The Huddle: Listener questions and comments


  • Question from Brian Collamer - Hi Brian! In this show you were describing selling OTM options. You mentioned that when selling options the fastest theta decay occurs in the 45-30 day range. I thought that was only true for ATM options? Do OTM options not decay the fastest at 60-70 days and then kind of flatten out?? Great show, wish it was longer! Thanks, Brian
  • Question Mukund Ambarge: Hi! I had question on theta decay. I understand that delta is in constant flux with every tick move in stock, the delta/gamma changes. IV is in constant flux with buying and selling of options and volume etc. So vega changes with option transactions. But theta decay is the only one which is always in a steady pace i.e. it’s not like it will decay quickly today and slowly tomorrow. The question is when is the theta decay really adjusted in the prices of options. Do the theta decay get adjusted at every tick move? Or every hour? If it is adjusted daily. Then when is the theta decay taken out of options. Early morning before start of trading? Or late in the day like last few minutes that whole days theta is taken out? Also I do not know when is weekend theta taken out of prices? Friday early morning or Friday ending or middle of the day? Basically when does market maker run the prices with the model and set the prices? Only once before trading starts or does he keep adjusting every minute/hour/tick based on demand/supply? Thanks, Mukund